So far, I’m attempting to get as much work done before I can participate in festivities. I’ve eaten some rice, uncooked baby carrots, and drank some jasmine green tea and regular green tea. I feel like this is a detox. I dig it. 


5:58 am. Time is closing in. I’m still studying next to my friend Ryan. He’s studying Japanese now and like my slow-learner self, I’m still on biopsychology. In an hour, I should shower and take my medication so that I can function throughout the day with lingering thoughts of grime or general inattentiveness. This is my break. These posts. They are keeping me sane through this overload of biopsych considerably because that I need at least an 83% percent on the test to possibly pass the class. I hope some miracle happens. Now back to studies because it’s now 6:00 am. I shower in an hour. 


5:03 am and I’m realizing how little time I have to learn and retain all this information for my biopsych exam. I’m fucked.


My time management skills are pretty shitty. Again, I am here awake at 3:49 am on a Monday morning when I have class at 8am because I ditched too many of my biological psychology courses. Now I face the consequences of sleep deprivation through attempting to learn the material that I missed these few classes I missed and the classes that I did attend and completely spaced out in, but not only that, I’m trying to retain it all for my exam at 10:30 am today. So technically, I only have a less than five hours to study because I need to get ready at 7am and go to my 8am and I have quite a difficult time focusing on my material to study regardless of the importance of it because I feel an intense guilt for being disrespectful to my other professors. Pardon my run-on sentences. 


My chia seed research:

  • Chia is related to the mint plants native in Central American countries. 
  • It slows down digestion, which can help treat those with Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Has tryptophanwhich is not only known for causing drowsiness after a big meal but also helps regulate appetite, improves mood, and sleep. 
  • It is a good source of fiber (digestive tract), calcium (bone strength), omega-3 (brain health), manganese (use of biotin & thiamin), phosphorous (protein synthesis for tissue regrowth or repair), and protein.
  • Fights belly fat
  • Improves blood pressure of the heart
  • Adults should have 2 tablespoons of it per day.